There was a saying I came across a few days ago. It said, "Bad people pay a far less price for being bad than good people pay for being good."

And as I've lived life, I can, for a fact, say this is 100% true. Every bad person, every person who is rude to someone, will eventually come across someone who is kind, and after ranting/shit-takling to him, he won't receive a backlash because, guess what, he's met a person who is kind. The kind person knows how it feels to be at the receiving end of it. So the kind person won't even begin lashing back at him. That's just not what he(the kind person) is.

Yesterday, I made a similar conclusion. "Weak people pay a far less price for being weak than strong people pay for being strong."

I thought of posting this up in my story but then it would be too rude of me. Too harsh. Everyone is doing their best to survive at a time like this and I shouldn't take it away from them. After all, efforts do matter.

But the truth doesn't change. The consequences still exist, regardless.

Before I begin to write on this I want to clarify what weak and strong means here. There's nothing such as weak=wrong and strong=right. No. People can't be put in boxes like this. Weak here includes people who always require/get support for everything they do, voluntarily or involuntarily. Almost everytime. They're almost never alone in making decisions, living life on their own terms and experiencing it. Strong people are those who are mostly alone in everything they do. They have to build it all from scratch and usually have no support. No one is backing them up should they fall. They have to pick themselves up if they do, dust themselves off, and continue.

Ever heard about trust fall? It's a thing between couples when one decides to close their eyes, turn to face the same direction their partner is facing, and falling towards their partner. Their partner catches them before they fall completely. Guess what, it doesn't really exist for strong people. The pandemic has taught us, in the last two years, is to take care of our own ass first, and then, maybe, look up to see if we can help someone.

Strong people have to do the trust fall without a partner, and make sure they don't get hurt when they fall all the way through by placing a cushion on the floor. But the thing is that they have to put in the work of putting the cushion on the floor. That is something that weak people will never understand. Never. Simply because they don't have to.

Now, most people are a mixed bag of weak and strong. So don't put yourself in black and white boxes, like I told you before. But I'm sure you might have felt this when you HAD to be strong some time in your life. Weak ones get away with a lot, with as much as only a little chip damage, whereas the strong ones have to take the hit and bear the dent it puts on them. This is why building an "empire" is so difficult. It's like a building you have to build all alone, and it has to be able to compete amongst the other most beautiful buildings in the world otherwise what even is the point.

It's obvious its way more difficult, and that's probably the reason why strong people have erratic personalities, they seem a little too much on edge. I mean, they have to if they don't want to get trampled on by those who have support and backing.

PS: It's the strong people who basically end up backing the weak ones. Just sayin'.


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